Gli studenti che intendono recarsi all’Universidade de Coimbra devono compilare l’Application Form e il Learning Agreement entro le seguenti date:

1 Giugno per il primo semestre

1 Novembre per il secondo semestre


Le lezioni sono in lingua Portoghese, pertanto è necessario iscriversi ai corsi di lingua illustrati nel seguente link: http://www.uc.pt/en/driic/estudantesIN/erasmus

Per avere informazioni sui corsi impartiti in lingua inglese, consultare il seguente link: http://www.uc.pt/driic/imagens/UC-course-units-taught-in-English0809-23-10-08.pdf

Calendario Accademico:

1st Semester/Academic year – begins in September/October, depending on the Faculties, and ends in January for the examination period which may go on through February. All mobility students are strongly advised to arrive on the 1st of September to attend the Portuguese Intensive Course which may not be available for free.

2nd Semester – begins on the first days of February and goes on till the end of May when the second examination period begins. The examination period may go through June and sometimes July. In some Faculties there is also an examination period in September for those students who may need to apply.
Christmas Holidays: Two weeks, one before and one after Christmas;
Easter Holidays: Two weeks, one before and one after Easter Sunday;


Per avere informazioni sull’alloggio consultare il seguente link: http://www.uc.pt/en/driic/estudantesIN/erasmus