Admission of Exchange Students


The online application form for the Erasmus students coming to the University of Tor Vergata is available on the following web page:

On the web page you will find the instructions to apply for admission; it is a three steps procedure:

Students will have to register themselves on-line (compulsory) to the following address:



After the registration on-line the students have to send the STUDENT APPLICATION FORM to

The deadlines to consider are:
  • FIRST SEMESTER: 24/04/2020 – 30/06/2020;
  • SECOND SEMESTER: 01/10/2020 – 30/11/2020


Immediately upon arrival the students MUST get a FISCAL CODE at the following address:
Via di Torre Spaccata 110 (metro A- Subaugusta stop) Bus 552

Guide to request a Fiscal Code

Students are required to hand the COPY of the following documents to the Erasmus Office:

  • a certificate issued by their home university testifying that he/she has been awarded an Erasmus scholarship,or a copy of their Erasmus contract;
  • two passport photos;
  • Codice Fiscale (Income Tax Code – please link our website for useful information: );
  • a valid document such as a passport or an identity card etc.
  • E.U. Public Health Card .


After registration the students will have to go to the
Lazio A.D.I.S.U. Office – Via Cambridge, 6 – Canteen Office ( BUS 20) –
Tel. +39 06204101 –
from Monday to Friday 9.00-11.00.
In order to receive the card, the students have to hand in the following documents:

  • The “ATTESTATO DI IMMATRICOLAZIONE” (enrolment certificate) issued by the Erasmus Office;
  • two passport photos;
  • Codice Fiscale