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Coordinator of the Degree Course in Pharmacy

Prof. Robert Nisticò


Didactic Secretariat

Mrs. Magdalena Acuna
Tel.: 0672594074

Mr. Gianluca Arpini
Tel.: 0672594875


Student Secretariat

A. Mariucci 067259-4093 M. Caredda e M. Minotti interno 4092
(Responsabile)R. Della Torre interno 4830; P. Morelli interno 4832;
Receiving hours: Monday | Wednesday | Friday from 09:00-12:00 | Wednesday from 14:00-16:00.
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Nota: Please contact only for administrative issues (registration, taxes, isee, transferring )

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  1. Our Master’s course in Pharmacy is taught entirely in English with the purpose of providing the necesssary knowledge to design, prepare and use drugs. The course was founded by our Schools of Medicine and of Science in partnership with the prestigious School of Pharmacy of the University of Nottingham and Alliance Boots, as a highly interdisciplinary school involving professors and experts from different sectors, from Chemistry to Medicine, Biology, Economics, Law as well all subjects concerned in a complex traditional Pharmacy Course. This relationship provides our best students with the opportunity to join some internship projects in Nottingham University. The course consists of theoretical and practical classes, including training activities in a local or hospital pharmacy. The main objetive is to train professionals mastering a scientific basis as well as thoretical and practical competences to work as pharmacist.
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    Prof.ssa Maria R. Ciriolo
    Prof. Michele Scardi
    Prof. Robert Nisticò
    Prof.ssa Daniela Barilà


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